Option/Link when you click the Managers Name to see previous programs

robust233 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 1

Across all Versions like the Web Version, iOS Version, and Android Version Investors should have the ability to find out a Manager's previous program history & current as this history would open more information regarding a Manager and increase transparency to a greater degree rather than just verified blockchain trades (Legit Trades). To Achieve such an option/ability I think for the Web Version it should have the By "Manager's Name" same as the iOS version. In which you would click the Manager's name (In Blue on iOS) and that would send you to the Manager's previous history of programs or in another way that is obvious to the user so they wouldn't have to look for it. 


iOS Version with "Manager's Name" : 

Image 207

Web Version without "Manager's Name":

Image 209


Thanks for your feedback! The managers also should have an opportunity to hide their history since the information is connected with potential profit. Anyway, we will bear your idea in mind.