Link to Genesis Markets on Manager Portal & GV Site

robust233 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 2

Managers on the GV Platform should be aware of Genesis Markets & site, while you'd think people would be aware of it that's not always the case. Genesis Markets is shown through the official twitter an other information channels, but not to the Manager Portal & GV Site to my knowledge. To address/fix this on the Manager Portal there should be a button like the Sign out (the rectangle) button (Doesn't have to be like Sign out Button) that sends the user to the Genesis Markets site because the Manager would be the one to utilize Genesis Markets. It'd be somewhere in the blue area I circled or somewhere else.

Manager Portal:

Image 210

For the Genesis Vision Site (https://genesis.vision) there'd be a button or text that a user can click to send them to Genesis Markets to notify them of what it is if they weren't already aware of it and to utilize Genesis Markets (to possibly become a Manager). The Blue area where it would generally be or somewhere else. 

Genesis Vision Site: 

Image 212

*notify -> show 


Thanks for your feedback! It makes sense, we will bear it in mind.