Not a bug

Genesis Markets faulty signup-page

moontrading 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 6 years ago 1

When using the referallinks (https://genesismarkets.io/?ref=872115) if brings you straight to the GM frontpage - no worries.

However when you click "Start trading" or "Sign up" it leads to the /login/-page instead of /register/.

Actually had a referal not sign up because he didn't find where to create and account.

Not a bug

Thanks for your feedback! When a manager goes to Genesis Markets page, he should familiarize with the website and the project. So, using the referal links he finds the frontpage. When he decides to join the project, he should click "start trading" and then "create account". We thought it is clear to understand but thanks for your idea, we will bear it in mind.