Managers should have their full name or company name as their title, those with random names or names like "when lambo" should not be able to be a manager

Ace 6 years ago updated by mrmojorisin 6 years ago 8

The platform will loose credibility if no vetting is done on the managers.

Investors should be able to report managers with inappropriate names.


Totally agree! Doesn't look professional at all


managers are not necessarily professionals though. Crypto traders usually prefer to remain anonymous.


I believe with long term usage the 'when lambo' traders will sink to the bottom and not be successful. However, there should be a way for professional managers to display their company title as well if they ARE affiliated with one.


Maybe there should be company accounts which can then link trader accounts.

Company accounts are heavily verified but once they are they can select the traders who work for them and have that company show up automatically.

This way not anyone can say they work for company X and reduces the admin required for traders while keeping companies in control of who they say is apart of them.

This is an awesome idea and should have its own suggestion thread.


Screen names should be PG-13 appropriate I agree but, anonymity is important to some! !  Vetting comes in the form of trade statistics and data!


Thanks for your feedback! When the Alpha version of the platform will be launched, we will implement KYC.


please don t make it compulsory !