Enable Night Mode/Day Mode Switch Feature

Crypto Clown 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 5

You guys are doing an amazing work, I must admit. You are the best team in the whole of this cryptospace. 

I would humbly like to enquire whether Night Mode feature is already planned for the Alpha live version, and if not, would request, with all due request, that you enable it as an option. This will enable users switch between it and Day Mode for convenience. 



I live in night mode. Please implement this

Under review

Hello! Thank you for the suggestion. We appreciate your feedbacks and your ideas.

Night mode is under review;and hopefully will be considered once the setup is completed of the real version.

Thank you again.

Genesis Team

That's great, thanks!

+1 for light mode. The current theme while great isnt great to read smaller texts for folks like me who dont have great eyesight