App needs a way to know how many manager tokens you will receive before you invest gvt.

Ben B 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 2

Just posted this in your telegram recently. I am very excited about your project and have moved all of my profits from other crypto projects into it. But I am worried that the current interface will be very confusing for newcomers. When you invest gvt into a manager there is no way to tell you that you will convert those gvt Into manager tokens or how many manager tokens you will receive with your gvt. Also the top manager in the app when you click on programs hasn't traded in almost three weeks and it would be nice if managers got bumped into a separate "inactive" category or something if they don't make any trades for a whole period. Thank you!

Under review

Dear Mr. Ben,

We thank you for the useful feedback. Indeed, showing calculation of the managers' token to be received would be important. We will send your feedback to our development team to study and implement it if applicable.

Regarding the second point you mentioned for inactive programs, that is as well a very useful idea. We recognize that it could become a problem if a manager opened a program and left it or forgotten it for a long period of time. We will also study this and see how we could implement it!

If you see any other issues or potential errors, please do let us know! We appreciate your feedback and opinion!

Best regards,

Genesis Team