Provide possibility to retain USD value of deposited GVT

Alex 6 years ago updated by Howell Carter 2 years ago 2

The issue

1) Investor buys 100 USD worth of GVT to invest into his favorite manager

2) The manager is not available for investments currently

3) The investor decides to wait for the manager to become free

4) The GVT price falls

5) The manager becomes free

6) Now the investor has less USD value than the initially intended to invest

Especially for investors unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies this could turn out to be a problem as they tend to measure funds in USD. 

Proposed solution

Provide a service within the GV platform that allows investors to convert their GVT into USDT/BTC and back. Ideally this could be something for each user to configure. If they turn on "Automatic USDT exchange" their GVT would always be converted as soon as they get a payout from the manager.

I don't like that idea, as we will sell GVT to the market for USDT instead of staking it. 

So why should we use GVT in general? Lets only take USD.... If this is realized i am out.