Shorts and Longs for Trading

robust233 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 3

In the future, will Genesis Vision support the use of Shorts and Longs by traders? I think this would be of much help towards traders as it allows for high profit margins for investors. One thing to note, traders if using shorts or longs would be required to tell investors they are using shorts/longs as this trading strategy is extremely risk, but highly profitable. 

Under review

Dear robust233,

Thank you for the feedback. Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "use of Shorts and Longs"? You can write the details to support@genesis.vision. 


Genesis Team

When I say "Use of Shorts and Longs" I'm referring to using a system like Bitmex which involves the selling of securities that aren't owned by the seller. These "Shorts and Longs" would involve high possible leverage like 2x-100x as shown on Bitmex allowing the trader to make high profit margins if the markets played in favor of the trader may it be a short or long. If the trader failed to predict his/her position would be liquidated. 

Shorts - Prediction: Market will go down - if true: profit.

Longs - Prediction: Market will go up - if true: profit. 

~Thanks for everything!