[Genesis Markets] Support "Hedging system"

Alex 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 3

Currently it seems to be the case that GM only supports "Netting system" (e.g. positions of the same pair will be added up) as accounting style. 

Is it possible to implement "Hedging system" as well?



Dear Alex,

Thank you for the feedback and your suggestion to add a hedging system.

Actually, you are able to implement the above manually through the settings. However, you need to keep in mind the following:

1- The hedging system doesn't give any superior advantages since the difference boils down to either seeing a symmetrical positions but in the above, you'd see each position separately.

2- Without short positions, this is of little use.

Nevertheless, we will be reviewing this feature and if there will be a lot of demand on it, then we will add it.

Let us know if you have any other ideas.

Best regards,

Genesis Team

Thank you for response,

Yes, hedging mode it is most useful when hedging the risk with counter positions (long/short). Hence the name. 

But, it is also very useful for one sided positions only (buys only for instance). Let me give you an example. Typically I'd open 1-2 long positions that can last for days. Than, inside that period I'd have menu smaller long trades (buys) that could take few hours each. Than on top of that I'd have many even smaller positions (scalping basically). With netting, MT5 adds up all those buys into one big fat order and it would take immense amount of work to keep track on all those positions, amounts, entry points, price, exit point, profit etc and to keep partially closing them. Nearly impossible AFAIK.

There is reason why netting is so despised in MT community.

Can you explain this in detail "Actually, you are able to implement the above manually through the settings. "