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wcolterbr333 5 years ago updated by Jay 5 years ago 3

Why is my app not showing me performance reports at the end of each of my invested trading periods. Its been 3 performance periods since investing in a trader and my wallet feed stops after my managers token purchases. However it shows no profit, no push, or no loss during their trading periods. As an investor I would like to see my gains or losses over each period listed there. Is this platform issue or app issue. Thanks.


Dear wcolterbr333,

Thank you for the post. Can you please take screenshots and send us an email to support@genesis.vision to enable us track the issue.

Once you send us an email including your details, we will check the transactions and status.

Best regards,

Genesis Team


here is a screenshot of a refreshed wallet showing my initial investment to Simons Funds on 6/11/18...

Here is a screenshot of simmons funds trading period...

Between 6/11/18 and now there have been 3 trading periods...but it doesnt show results or profit payout in my wallet feed. 

Here is a screenshot of what used to populate to my wallet feed with another trader program...

Why doesnt the app do this anymore? I dont know where I stand with Simmons Funds over the last few trading periods. App issue? Manager issue? Or am I missing something? Thanks for the fast reply! 

If you check his trades, you'll see that there wasn't any trade between 27/05/2018 and 04/07/2018

That's why there are no profit or losses visible.