Link live GM-accounts to GV alpha on demand

moontrading 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 3

Now that GM is live, would it be possible for those that don't mind their trades being public to link their live GM-account to a GV alpha manager's account?

This would keep the list of managers updated and possibly find some new gems before launch.

Maybe even a "sort by: live/demo" function at the managers list.

I was also thinking the same. We can at least use the analytics from the Alpha Genesis Vision platform. 

Also sorting Demo and Live accounts would be very helpful. 

Of course these live accounts wouldn't be able to invest Demo GVT tokens, but at least we can see the traders who are willing to showcase their Live accounts on the Genesis Platform. 

Enabling widget of these programs would be handy for those who have websites for marketing " Track records verified by the blockchain". 

You have my vote. 


Dear moontrading,

Thank you for the feedback. Yes, that feature will be enabled once the integration process is completed between Genesis Vision and Genesis Markets. As for the demo, we are not sure when it will be possible; in October, we are expecting the integration to be completed.

Our team is currently working on its development.

Appreciate your feedbacks

Genesis Team