Genesis Markets - Web terminal (Cosmetic / usability)

Coffee 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 2

For users that prefer to trade with Genesis Markets website Web Terminal over native apps (eg. in preference to a small screen 'mobile focused' MT5 Android app on a big screen chromebook..) - can the Left hand Navigation menu/items please be placed on the top header bar?

this would then allow the trading terminal to be displayed in full screen width, where currently the terminal is reduced in size and does not fill, due to the navigation menu .. which feels like a waste of screen real estate (eg.  https://mql5.com/en/trading versus https://genesismarkets.io/profile/webterminal  ) , not really an issue but would prefer to trade from the browser under the Genesis branded site rather than using mq5s web terminal/site.


Under review

Dear Super Dave,

Thank you for the suggestion. We took your suggestion regarding the layout to our team for consideration. There is an option via the terminal to switch to fullscreen mode, however, we understood that you would like if it would be same as on MQL5's without switching to fullscreen mode.

Let us know if have other suggestions.