In regards to future Genesis Vision video advertisements(an aesthetic critique.)

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I probably am one of the biggest fans of your project and I also picked other great projects in the past that turned into huge successes such as Ethereum. My message to you guys is first congratulations on such great work and secondly, we have to discuss certain improvements that I feel need to be addressed. This concerns the aesthetic look and how it's presented to investors. The color scheme of Genesis Vision, the aquamarine contrasting to white is absolutely perfect, no problem with that, very original compared to all other projects in the space. What I wish to communicate is that we should focus on more professional and sleek promo videos that use that color scheme in a more simplified context. I say do away with the futuristic 3d Tron thing and go for a more aquamarine/white advertisement(maybe add those previous elements into that color scheme that could probably do the trick). Splashing the futuristic tron stuff within that color scheme might actually be super rad(instead of the dark future+colors), something to think about. The reason why I say this is because having a streamlined color scheme that spreads across all of your promotional avenues makes people remember the logo and so forth. My only gripes is with the promotional videos, that's it......everything else rocks. I figure you guys are getting so much help from the community in the tech side of things I wish to contribute on the artistic and presentation side of things(which we all know is super important to whale investors).

Note: Most cryptocurrency advertisements are terrible and I really didn't expect much but now I see Genesis Vision stepping up and maybe it's time to chime in. I really feel that advertising sector of the space is sorely lacking and it would be great if our community could help in this regard.



I also wish to stress this to the crew as well. If you develop the aesthetic look of your brand to be an iron clad representation the respectable product already in development, the token's worth in HODL will reflect. Most cryptocurrencies that are not Bitcoin are in effect, fighting to the top as an actual real security, something that is worth a store of value. Working on Genesis Vision's store of value in the financial mgmt. sector of the market could make this a Berkshire-Hathaway type of security. I also encourage to possibly merge yourselves to that aesthetic as well. Just put your brand next to Berkshire Hathaway, Bridgewater Investments and so forth. Even naming yourselves as the future blockchain versions of those old institutions could be an amazing promotional and also possible smart route to strengthen the brand. Just some thoughts.

Under review

Dear grounbeeftaxi,

Thank you for the valuable and detailed feedback regarding the design or layout. We are reviewing your suggestion and assume you are speaking mainly about Genesis Market's design.

Can you specify exactly which videos are you referring to?

Best regards,

Genesis Team

I think they are talking about the latest GVT video, its a great video, they are providing some good constructive feedback for future productions: