Trade History Analytic Package for all MT5 brokerages open to any one ( Verify Trading history on the Blockchain for Crypto traders).

whoknows19500 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 2

I've tested out a few different trading history statistical sites such as myfxbook, fxblue, fxstat, and the official mql5 signals with a GenesisMarkets account.  None of these sites can calculate the performance correctly since GM accounts are denominated in Crypto currencies which have profits in satoshi's.  This is a great opportunity to offer the genesis Vision platform as an Analytical site to the crypto community and FX community. Please allow traders to input their account number, investor password and Server IP therefore any trader can use the analytics at Genesis Vision platform.  We can then separate the Traders who use the platform for solely analytics and those who are managers.  Once the trader's credentials are added to the platform, any New trade taken would then become verified on the blockchain ( a great selling point for potential money managers.).

The Investor Dashboard would only show GVT Money Managers however, maybe you can add a category " Potential Money Managers" of all the other traders who are using the GVT platform for their analytics.

The manager's dashboard would be open to any trader at any MT5 brokerage for the sole purpose of the analytics package that GVT offers.

Of course money managers still have to use the partnered brokerages/Exchange(GM)  , and this is where a nice banner ad can come in "Sign up to GenesisMarkets and Become a verified money manager"

Under review

Dear whoknows19500

Thank you for this valuable suggestion. It is a good idea to enhance the other traders' experience.

We will place it under review since it requires a whole separate service.

Let us know if you got other ideas.

Best regards,

Genesis Team