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Add cryptocurrency tracking portfolio alike to the GV app

elCryptoNerd 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 2

Is it possible that a Cryptocurrency tracking portfolio function could be added to the GV app?

If the function was there, I would not need to use Delta/Blockfolio anymore, I could do everything I need to do from within the GV App,

This would also be beneficial, as I could see the fluctuating value of my coins held elsewhere, combined with my current investments on the GV platform. Without this function I would have to flick between the two apps and manually total up.

I think it would be a great feature, you could even add PRO/premium features and charge a monthly fee in GVT/BTC!


Alternatively I suppose some way of linking the data between delta & the GV app?

Note please remove *alike from the title

Under review

Dear elCryptoNerd

Thank you for the useful idea. We will review the possibility of adding a tracking feature to the app.

Please let us know if you got some other useful ideas!

Appreciate your feedbacks!

Genesis Vision Team