Feedback on the new UI

moontrading 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 4

Just checked out the latest UI and it looks awesome.

Whilst only pictures available you might already have thought of this but anyway this is what I could come up with:

* Some settings of what will show up in your notifications-icon. For example, if I'm not interested in "New manager XZ" creating a new program, I should be able to turn that off.

* "bookmark" or favourite managers and being able to sort by only them,


Dear moontrading,

Thank you for the useful feedback and suggestions. We are studying the option to disable certain announcements according to users' preferences.

Let us know if you got other ideas!

Appreciate your feedbacks!

Genesis Vision Team



Add some social element. This way the community can help eachother and also puts less load on GVT support. Perhaps a comment-section for the managers, links to medium/reddit/telegram etc. (a read-only variant of the telegram group maybe?)

Good idea on your update^ might be worth submitting a seperate ticket for it!


Thanks. A read-only chat would be really cool tbh. Atleast for as long as we have the humble admins that we do.

No new topic as I'm sure it'll come thru to who needs to consider it, either way just by writing this post - more attention to the thread should be payed by logic :))