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Develop a way that managers can show results on other websites

elCryptoNerd 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 2

Would it be possible to add tools so that a manager could embed their trades/results on another website?

For example Eric Choe has a subscription website www.cryptochoe.com where people pay to follow his trades,

If he or any other manager could link/sync their trading data from the Genesis Vision platform, to be displayed on their website, it would attract a great deal more managers to Genesis Vision, free marketing,

People like Eric Choe can tell his followers to subscribe on his website for $, or invest with him on the GV platform (Eric recieves good income for both options)


Dear elCryptoNerd,

Thank you for the feedback. We recall that you already proposed this in another post in the past.

This feature is currently under development but more details will be known once the platform is launched.

We appreciate your feedbacks.

Thank you

Genesis Vision Team