Little bugs with android version

topias kayhko 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 4

Hello again! First of all, thank you for the launch, it was really exciting and the interface looks very very good.

However, couple little bugs and inconveniences i found

Image 264

The dashboard seems empty, really not a bug perhaps but moving along, for example "MasterUpster" program chart, as you can see, very ugly and squished especially on month, 3month and bigger time frames. In the "1day" mode the chart looks normal.

And in the last picture something wrong with the borders of Quantbridge program. Text is hidden as you can see. 

Lastly in the WEB version, when trying to invest, its very picky about the amount of GVT you enter. In the mobile version its more clever. For example if in program there is free space of 60GVT to invest, i can type for example "85" and it converts it automatically to the maximum sum of "60"

Big thanks to you! Keep on improving =)

Dear topias.kayhko,

Thank you for the valuable feedback. Indeed, the automatic amount's adjustment can be a smart feature to add. 

We will inform our IT regarding your feedback.

We appreciate your feedback!

Best regards,

GV Team


Dear topias.kayhko,

Thank you for the feedback! I have transferred it to the IT Department.

Best regards,

GV Team


Dear Client,

Please be informed that all these bugs have been fixed.

Best regards,

Genesis Vision Team