Show exchange rate of conversion when Investing(Investor and manager)

HedgeBitcoin 4 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 1

When I made my programs my GVT is converted into BTC and the a bitcoin amount is deposited into my trading account within a few minutes. I would like to see a more transparent method for this process such as including the actual conversion rate ( Like a Quoted amount) from GVT to Bitcoin including the 0.5% fee that I am charged and also the GVTBTC binance rate.  

I understand that liquidity can be an issue therefore the Quote should include the orderbook values on the GVTBTC bid side therefore the investor and or the manager can get the best idea of the actual BTC/ETH/USDT that will be deposited into the program/fund. 


Dear Client,

Thank you for the feedback! I will transfer it to the team!

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