Convert GVT to BTC/USD only when reqest accepted

E S 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 3

Hi, the purpose of the platform is trusting a professional to trade for me. At the moment, when I request to invest I do not know how much GVT my manager will get, as the conversion happens at the moment I request to join a program, and my money is converted without any pro trader taking care of it.

I believe it is better to let investors choose whether to have the conversion only when funds are accepted and safu in the program. People are taking risks just because they want to early buy into a manager, but they are forced to gamble on their GVT for that instead of having a manager take care of it all the way.


Dear Client,

Thank you for the feedback! The conversion is done in the moment of request because the manager need to know how much funds he has for the next program. 

Best regards,

GV Team


support team, I think that is a pretty lame reason. Why would managers need to know thr btc amount they will have prior to starting the period? That is not relevant in any way, especially since the investment cap is in gvt.


In this method he doesn’t know how much GVT he will have, and he is measured eventually by the amount of GVT he returns so what is the point?