Restrict trader accounts by more than email to stop duplicate account creation and managers hiding from their past poor history

Ace 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 5

As stated.

A manger could have poor performance and loose all their investment credibility. They can keep making accounts on new email addresses until they get it right invalidating the transparency of the blockchain.

This is also why verification of managers identities is important.

Absolutely! You need proof of identification for managers so they can't create duplicate accounts this is essential for transparency. 

unless they state they have multiple accounts for different strategies and have them linked from there profile so you can see all of them in an organized manner.

Managers create programmes. That's what is being selected in the list. A manager can have many programmes so I don't ever see the need to allow multiple accounts.

I could see companies having a master account, these accounts are verified by the organisation. Then they link their traders accounts under it in order to show up as a member of that company (and so the company can remove them). Company accounts wouldn't be able to trade directly though, accountability to an individual and all.

Under review

Thanks for your feedback! It will be implemented for the Alpha version with real money.