Bugs in web version and android and thoughts

topias kayhko 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 2

Here is couple things

So first of all, i tried to invest in this "mbheron" program and my investment got cancelled. It shows the right amount on my phone app (+25,05 GVT) but some weird amount on the web version. 

Second thing is this "profit" bug. I think it calculates that i first had 10 gvt in programs, and then later i added 50 gvt to another program, making it 60 gvt in total (assets in program) But in reality of course i have not made 499% profit =)

Then it would be nice if the profit chart in the mobile version would be similiar to the web version, where it shows the percentage gains ( like day by day) when i move my cursor over it. It could be in the mobile version also, where i would slide my finger over the chart. 

And have you already heard the following suggestion? It could be thrilling to see somewhere in the upcorner etc, somekind of statistics about the Genesis Vision platform. Like total Assets under management, how much users and managers there are. That way it would be nice and easy to follow the adoption of the service :) 

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