Not a bug

GVT profit

E S 4 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 1

Imagine this scenario:

You invest 10 GVT in a manager

The manager losses a little bit BTC, maybe 1%

But GVT price went down by 30%.

Period ends, my reinvest button is off, got no profits even though my initial GVT investment is now worth 13 GVT.

This scenario is really bad. It happened to me today.

You see, people are investing their GVT and they expect profits in GVT. If I only pay entry fee and get no profits it makes the platform a lose lose situation. Please look into this deeply

Not a bug

Dear Client,

I understand your concern. Please notice that crypto industry has extreme volatility. Investment is always a risk. If the manager lost during the program there were no profit to share between investors in this case. 

Best regards,

GV Team