USDT Base / Stats need to be a TOP priority!

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Copy & Pasted from Telegram -

I want to get good stats so I can get level 3 so I can actually have SOME capital to play with. Currently if I trade @ lvl 2 with only 3500$, I'll only be making like 240$ a month, or some shit, if I got consistant 10%+ gains every week.

Daytrading is a full-time job. I shit on 240$ a month. The ONLY reason why im trading now is to get stats for level 3, but if it's too much of a pain in the ass because it's paired to BTC, then I may as well just stop and wait till the platform is updated.

Investors will go online and see red and be like "wtf!!!" and then cancel their sign-up... when they aren't losing any money.

It's only good for when BTC is dumping like crazy, but we're currently not doing that.

They are focused on getting forex up and running asap, but I seriously think they need to fix the simple shit in the platform that would retain current customers, before trying to expand towards a bigger customer base
otherwise they're just opening their doors to an incomplete / broken product.

I love the concept. I love the backend system. But it needs to be tweeked, for sure, to fix some small things


>>Updates Coming Up<<
[Forwarded from Alex]
Since there are many questions about what will be implemented next @rkamenskiy gave a quick overview to be shared with the community. Please do not ask for specific completion dates for those features since they are not known yet. The priority is as following:

0. Forex has the highest priority.
1. Introduction of the third manager level. Managers below level 3 will not be able to demand entry fees anymore.
2. Development of a stop-loss functionality for programs. Level 1 & 2 will have a fixed stop-loss. For level 3 the manager can choose the stop level.
3. Allowing the deposit and handling of multiple currencies (GVT, BTC, ETH, USDT) on the GV platform. This is to avoid unccessary conversions. All profits will still be payed out in GVT. So effectively this will only ease the selling pressure while still positively affect the GVT price.
4. Charts and statistics will be viewable in different currencies instead of just the base currency of the program
5. Improvement of the manager dashboard
6. Improvement of the portfolio events

My Response>>
I think #4 needs to be bumped up to #1 or #2.

If they implement #2, Stop-loss function, before #4, Stats viewable in USD / USDT Base, then people could actually get stop-lossed overnight, if BTC pumps and managers hedge into USD for risk management.

Which should NOT be allowed.

It'd practically be enforcing the lack of risk management use.

Under review

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