Should be a small window at program end to claim the space of funds being withdrawn

ghamo 4 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 1

It would be nice, particularly on longer programs (30+ days) if there was a 1 or 2 hour window where the space in the program generated by withdrawn funds can be filled by investors without the manager resetting the program a second time or leaving potential investors waiting for up to 90 days.


Dear Client,

Thank you for your offer, but manager needs to know the exact amount which is available to him to trade with. He sees how much he will carry in and carry out the next period. At the beginning of the next period, if within a few days he will be credited with more funds and manager will decide to take control of it now, he will restart the period. So it's left to the manager's discretion.

Best Regards,

Genesis Vision Team