Trades History Update Suggestion

eugenie9 5 years ago updated by HedgeBitcoin 5 years ago 2

Hey, I've been testing the platform for a while, and as far as I can see, the trades are not showed with the delay. They are listed under the program right after the orders are filled. There is a possibility of making a copy trade with bots. This might not seem as an issue right now but when there will be lots of manager, we may see top 10% with almost same percent profits.

What I suggest is: ongoing trades and closed trades tab should be created.  The current position status should be shown without any coin name or price.

Like this :


CoinName SellPrice Profit BuyPrice
GVTBTC 0.00109 3.2% 0.001058
BRDBTC 0.00056 7.1% 0.000523

With this way, investors can easily see the general situation,  and the managers cannot claim that his / her transactions are copied and deliberately damaged.


Dear Client,

Thank you very much for the feedback! We already have plans for hiding the opened trades.

Best regards,

GV Team

Please implement this feature as an option for managers.