Changing success and entry fees

Anonymous 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 1

It would be helpful to have the ability to change the entry and sucess fees of a program. 

Imagine someone being level 7 and having a 1 year trading history but he or she would like to lower their success fee to be more competitive with the new programs. As it is currently constructed, that manager would have to start off at level 2 again and work their way up the ladder. 

I realize this may be controversial because we wouldnt want a manager increasing their success fee from 10% to 50%, that would not be fair for the investors. 

Maybe only allow changes to the downside? Or if changes to upside are allowed, the implementation of the new fee would take effect after a wait period and all investors need to be alerted and given the chance to exit the program. 

Maybe the manager cannot increase by more than 5% at a time. 

Obviously more thought needs to be put into this, but giving the ability to change the success fee and entry fee would be a good idea. 


Dear Client,

Please be informed, that you can lower entry and success fees by sending an official request to support@genesis.vision from your manager's email. However manual increasing of entry and success fee is impossible. In this case you will need to close the program and start a new one.

Best Regards,

Genesis Vision Team