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The perfect solution for GVT token - proposal.

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My proposed solution for the token use case issue of GVT

Basic idea:

Make GVT like ETH is used as gas, for any investment made by any currency.

How will it work:

As investor - I will deposit for example BTC. When I want to invest in a manager, fund, or copy trading - 

  1. I pay with BTC (or any base currency),
  2. I pay gas with GVT, which is calculated with respect to BTC (or any base currency, meaning the gas is paired differently for each coin depending on their rate in the open markets).
  3. I earn profits in BTC (or any base currency)

Managers are also paid their base currency.

Why will everyone be happy with this solution?

  1. It gives GVT an actual use case. This use case will make GVT value rise with perfect match to their use case.
  2. The buy sell pressure on GVT is not anymore relevant and doesn’t have to worry anyone. The reason for this is that GVT is only used as gas and not as an investment coin that needs to be traded in and out for distribution periods.
  3. Investors are happy - they can invest any coin and earn profits with this coin
  4. Managers are happy - they earn any currency they prefer and it usually is better for them if they trade it.
  5. GVT holders (including the team) are happy - the investment was good.

This solution solves one more important issue which is conversion slippage! WOOHOO

With this solution the team can focus on integrating more and more instruments, and not having any issues bringing users to use the platform.

Thank you,


Under review

Dear Client,

Thank you for such a valueable feedback and for your suggestions, I will transfer it to our IT department.

Best regards,

Genesis Vision Team


even though I cannot use the platform, I want this project to succeed and be prosperous for everyone. 


good suggestion. 

I would like to keep all the other usecases as well. But this would be an added usecase with a positive impact.