Can you please encourage managers to do their best and play by the rules?

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Right now a manager can charge a high entry fee, high success fee, open unlimited programs and restart or abandon them without any consequences. I believe we may already have a bunch of professional managers on board, but the thing is they are not encouraged to play fair. They know they can collect some fees here and there and end up in profits at the cost of investors loss, so they are not doing their best.

If Genesis Vision were only profitable for the managers but not for the investors, wouldn't this be called a failure?

The managers already have good incentives... so could you please pay attention and discourage them from engaging in practices, which could be described as manipulative. A thread about this has also been posted on Reddit, you must realize the problem, and think for solution.

An answer like "this is investors sole responsibility" is not acceptable. You must have the right integrity and strive to create a healthy atmosphere that genuinely encourages the best managerial practices, while at the same time allowing investors to enjoy their gains, not trying to squeeze every possible fee in the world while leaving them broke. Especially the investors, because we are the boss here :-)

Under review

Dear Client,

Thank you for contacting us! The link to a Reddit discussion you have mentioned was already transferred to our management. We appreciate the community's suggestions and review each of them. Furthermore, we are working on developing and implementing the best version of the platform and level system, and our community managers regularly monitor our social media. 
On our platform you can always check the whole history of the manager's programs before proceeding to investing. Please also notice that only managers with level 3 and higher are able to collect the entry fee. This way only managers with existing trading history and a good reputation can get the entry fee.

Best regards,

GV Team