The investment into managers should be limited by sum of the programs.

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There is an issue that managers open multiple programs that are essentially the same or very very similar in nature.

As a result, it is becoming more difficult to manage them and easier to make mistakes, leaving investors frustrated.

I am continuing to insist on building an environment where managers are encouraged to do their best and play fair.

In this particular case the managers should have no incentive to open multiple programs, unless it is really necessary.

The main reason why managers choose to open more programs is that way they can collect more investment.

If I am a manager and I open my first program and it has lvl2, and another manager opens 10 programs also lvl2, see I have a clear disadvantage because the other manager can attract 10 times more funds. And if he performs random trades selectively over a different number of programs, he also has a significantly higher chance that one of those programs will level up.

The solution: if the investment is limited to the sum of the programs, that won't be a problem anymore. For example I have a limit of 300 GVT. I could create one and only program where they invest 300. or create two programs, where if they put 100 in one and 200 in another one, it would also be capped, so it would make no difference. In this case, managers would only open new programs when it's really necessary, i.e. if they are completely different. Otherwise they would be shooting themselves in the foot by multiplying their programs and then neglecting some of them.

Under review

Dear Client,

Thank you for your feedback, I will transfer it to our management. 
The amount a manager can attract is regulated by a managers level now. Please also notice that you can open as many programs as you wish in order to manage more funds.

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Genesis Vision Team