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New idea - Invest in bots

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This is a rather complicated idea, I will simplify by only explaining the UX and assume the technical issue of implementing this isn't a barrier given the current infrastructures.

The user will have the option to "buy a subscription" for a bot using GVT.

Imagine this - Investors have programs, funds, copy trading and .... BOTS!

Definitions users can make regarding the bot:


1. Investment amount and base currency (e.g. 0.5 BTC, 200 GVT, 3000 USDT)

2. Trading pairs (against base currency)

3. Risk management level (how much % of the investment is allocated for starting a trading pair)

4. DCA levels (how much loss will trigger how much more buying of the trading pair).

5. Profit target for exiting a trade.

6.  Stop loss targets for exiting a trade

7. The user will, similarly to programs, toggle reinvest profits option if he pleases.

8. Users will have options to blindly follow managers or other users bot strategies, and pay little success fees to the bot creator.

Obviously other trading strategies could be implemented with time. I described a basic DCA strategy with multiple pairs as an example.

Now a little on the technical side 

I am not saying this is an easy feature to implement. Far from it. 

But, considering the current status, instead of managers running MT5 trading, or even managers running bots through MT5, all this feature requires is adding a bridge that connects between investor and predefined bots on MT5. 

The benefits of this feature are crazy. At the moment the platform lacks good managers. While waiting for good managers to jump on the ship is something that has its own pluses, at the mean time we can see most users enjoy the funds feature (judging by reading TG groups).

The reason is because users don't like people gambling with their money having not much to lose while they are doing it. 

Some of the advantages for investors 

This feature will let investors enjoy good trading strategies, fully transparent and trustable

They will have their own decisions regarding risk management(!!!).

They will have the option to choose which pairs they want their assets to be traded against.

They will have trading decisions based on strategy, but they will not need to handle emotion trades as they will be defined in advanced.

Imagine GV ecosystem being known for the ONLY company that can deliver such a feature. This can attract TONS of users easily, as so many people want their funds to be automatically traded.

This feature actually drops the need of managers, as its enough for the team to define some bots parameters and have any investor utilise it with his preferred pairs and risk.


Apparently there are already companies implementing this invest in bots platform with good UI. I guess GV can try to partner with them and have their services suggested through the GV platform.

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