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Increase Commission discounts at GM for holding more GVT

HedgeBitcoin 4 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 1

Since GenesisMarkets has a corporate account at the integrated exchanges the amount of trading volume from all the pooled traders allows commission discount tiers for you. You can pass on these discounts to your traders that hold more GVT.

Right now holding 500 GVT for a 0.135% discount isn't fair when we can trade directly with Binance at a better commission rate.

However, this commission rate is better than Huobi and it does create an incentive to trade through GM solely on Huobi pairs for this advantage. As more traders realize the possible saving using GM, more traders will trade through GM and as a result your commission rates will surely reach the next tier to allow even a larger saving. 0.06% Fees at Huobi are surely reachable with the pooled traders.

If you want to increase demand for GVT, allow more discounts by holding more GVT. I wouldn't mind holding 1000 GVT for lower commissions equal to the tiered discounts from the volume discounts. 

Once your company reaches the next discount tier at each exchange please allow the traders at GM to benefit from this by allowing us to hold MORE GVT to reach the next discount. 

Huobi Tiered Discounts


Binance Tiered Discounts


Under review

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