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After successful signup, create popups/tutorial to introduce Person to GV

Benny 4 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 1

From the telegram channel, Ive seen lots of people being very frustrated with the huge losses and blaming managers/GVT/Team.

So my suggestion is, that after successful sign up on the platform, there should be a mandatory pop-up tutorial, that explains with graphics/text what the drawdown is, what the high risk low risk badges are, how to use funds and manager etc.
Also clearly tell the person that they should confirm that their investments can be totally lost and that its their own responsibility.

Ofc its not GVT Teams fault if investors lose money, but when more and more people leave the platform because they dont understand the badges and risks etc, they will blame the plattform --> Bad reputation for the plattform

Under review

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