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Some general ideas for improvmenet (mostly UX)

E S 4 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 1

Hi, after the recent updates, I made a quick UI/UX checkup and thought I'd throw my 2 cents with some general unrelated ideas.

1. In funds, add a pie chart with the fund allocations. This can add some colour and visuals. user friendly.

2.In program page, you have all of the content in the space place with a big scroll area. I would consider having a tab bar that helps the user navigate in that screen (Having for example "trade history" scroll down to the trade history). 

This is important for orientation.

3. Filter programs by trading pairs - This can be amazing. For example I can insert 2 assets e.g. BTC and USDT, and it will only show me programs that included the pair in a trade. 

4. In terms of UI, maybe add some layers to the interface. It feels a little flat. Users want to feel they swim in their private pool when browsing through the platform. The platform functionality generally feels OK, everything is smooth and nice, but I am a little concerned that the "vibe" of it is a little shady, because of the dark colours and the flat feeling. Now I am not saying it needs a big change to fix these issues, it is a matter of few tweaks, just need to think in that direction a little bit.

Thanks for reading


Under review

Dear Client,

Thank you for your feedback! I have transferred your suggestions to the management. 

Best Regards,

Genesis Vision Team.