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SdoubleW 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 1

A manager and I were discussing GV yesterday - he‘s one of your top managers btw - and we both can‘t make much sense of the charts showing the performance of a program. The spikes seem odd. Here are some suggestions I would like to suggest implementing:

- create a profit chart that does not have the huge drawdown once profits are taken (e.g. program close). One of the most significant information for me is program performance over many months, which will span various program cycles. I don‘t want to see profit curves going steeply down then up when profits are paid and then new money flows into the program at opening, which seems to be happening. Please investigate what is going on and deliver a clean profit chart

- create the option to show on the performance chart the number of successful trades over time. That will be helpful too, so you can see when someone has >50% successful trades it should be positive overall, but additionally you see if there was a period in which trading was particularly positive or negative. This is just a nice add on. Most importantly please finally make an intuitively clear profit chart

- explain the current profit chart in words, whilst you work on the update suggested in points above. 

- likewise, the chart showing the profit from investments makes still no intuitive sense to me after so many months. It is too dependent on investments and withdrawals from programs. Just show profits... or then total assets in programs with a color separator what is originally invested money and what is performance

Thanks for your consideration.



Under review

Dear Client,

Thank you very much for such a valuable feedback! We will transfer your suggestions to our management.

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Genesis Vision Team