Funds - Provide More Information

Jacob 4 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 years ago 2


I think it would be beneficial to provide more information when investing in Funds such as:

  1. Displaying how many tokens of each particular asset were bought and at what price/exchange
  2. Option to show your holdings in your portfolio as individual assets. Say you are invested in 5 Funds and each Fund has allocated VET to them. In the portfolio it would be nice to see how much VET you hold in Funds total. Not sure how this would be easily represented, though. 


    Under review

    Dear Client,

    Thank you for your feedback! We will transfer it to our management.

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    Dear Client,

    We would like to inform you that your feedback was taken into consideration and implemented on the platform. Thank you very much for your ideas. The feature you offered is really helpful.

    Best regards,

    GV Team.