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Funds of programs

E S 4 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 4 years ago 1

Hi team,

I would like to suggest a concept of Funds of programs.

Allow users to invest in multiple programs at once, and benefit from the combination of some good programs.

So basically like fund has multiple assets, and we enjoy that we don't rely on a specific asset to be successful at a certain time, same goes with programs. 

The difference here is that programs are dynamic and assets aren't. So I suggest this solution:

Instead of like in a regular fund, that have all funds allocated statically, a fund of programs will be dynamic and managed automatically by the system, according to what a user defines he wants. 

For example, a user can decide: 

1. amount of programs

2. entree fee

2. max DD

3. max stop loss

4. program level

5. specific tags (risk, FX/crypto)

6. Sortino ratio (and all other metrics)

Then the system will automatically invest in those programs for the user, by choosing the best ones according to what the user defined, and according to the availability of those programs (if available to invest or not). The user can for example, invest in 100 programs, he doesn't need to go one by one and manage his investments.

Now the fun part - program funds can be reallocated according to user preference:

1. Automatic reinvest

2. Automatic withdraw

For example, if a program in the fund lost 30% in a period, it will automatically withdraw (if the user decided). But i the program did 30% profit, it will also reinvest in that program.

So the fund is also reallocating all the time according to specific manager performance.

This feature can let users invest in many traders at once, which is a great entree for investors imo.

Under review

Dear Client,

We want to thank you for such a detailed and interesting suggestion; we appreciate it very much. I will transfer it to the management team for their review. 

Best Regards,

Genesis Vision Team.