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Funds - Exit to Stable Coin (GVT Utility)

Jacob 3 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 years ago 1


I would like to propose an added utility to GVT for managers using Funds. 

The utility is to allow a manager to reallocate their Fund to 100% stable coin (or similar) at a cost of a small GVT fee. This is in addition to the daily 3% reallocation limit. The alternative would be to allow managers to purchase more % allocation with GVT if their limit is exhausted. 

Reason: If you have used up your reallocation limit there is no way to preserve capital in your fund when Bitcoin makes a large movement down. As a result investors (and AUM of the platform) are impacted. Granted funds are meant to be more passive, I believe crypto with its volatility needs to be treated differently than say a traditional fund.

Thank you for your time.

Under review

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Thank you for your feedback! I will transfer it to the management team for their further review.

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