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Addin “Last Period” tag in the homepage

Ettore 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 3

When you open the GenesisVision home page you can see all the current programs listed for their profits/balance/investors etc... There’s also a tab that lets you reorder them according to their profit on a certain period of time (all time, last month, last week etc...)

Now, since programs have different length, imo investors would like to see also the last “operating” period’s performance. What about adding the “Last period” option among the already-existing time-ranges? (By last operating period I mean the last non empty, so an eventual period opened and closed for accepting new investments is not considered)

  • Currently users have to do that manually by selecting a custom range of time.
    By adding this automatic “time-range” in the home page, it would be easier for people to get an immediate scenario of all the managers’ last performance. So they can make a comparison
  • And it would be useful to underline the difference between the program’s time and the period’s one. Since there’s just the program’s time in the home page, investors may think that profits are made just on its whole length. While managers could make profit also on shorter periods of time.

Of course it would be an adding-feature and not a substitutional one, so it would give more info to investors

      Under review

      Dear Client,

      Thank you very much for your suggestion! We will transfer it to the management team for their further review.

      Best Regards,

      Genesis Vision Team

      Edit: Would be pretty useful to add also the “current period” option so investors could compare the programs’ current performances.

      Thus, reassuming we would have in the home page the time-based indicators (like all time, last month, last week etc...) and period-based filters (like current period and last period)

      Optionally could be nice to add into the single programs pages the “average period time” so users can get the difference between the program‘s time and the effective average period time

      Thank you! It is transferred to the management as well.

      Best Regards,

      Genesis Vision Team