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With the popularity of running nodes for crypto projects increasing and GV being in a prime position to cover all bases in this space, I would like to propose an idea for GV to consider:

I firmly believe it would be beneficial to the GV platform if there was the ability for users to join node pools. The infrastructure (I.e. server) could be set up by GV with a minor cost to join the pool paid in GVT (could be monthly depending on cost). Users could use genesis markets to buy assets required if they didn't have them to begin with. (Sidenote: I wouldn't rule out providing the service for coins not listed on Binance or Huobi either as there are some interesting projects out there with hardcore followers that would appreciate such a service)

Clearly the projects selected to be on the platform would need to be demanded so it could start off with a few key projects, or projects existing community members already hold the required assets to run them to kick start the process.

By providing this service, it will bring awareness to GV by running a node for their project with a simple user friendly way to others to participate in their network. Mutual collaboration with other crypto projects leads to a high chance of a positive outcome (I.e. bringing more potential users to GV)

I haven't thought of the technicalities or limitations here, but I thought it would be a really useful tool to add to the belt and is one I would participate in for sure.  

Thank you for your time


Dear Client,

We thank you for your feedback. The idea is quite interesting and Genesis Vision does build a decentralized network. But this network consists of already existing and new market participants - exchanges, brokers and other trading platforms. Due to that, our traders, managers, and investors can choose the best liquidity and trading conditions. 

At this stage, node pool will not help us as traders trade on already existing trading platforms and its processing power.

We thank you for your feedback, it helps us become better! Please don't hesitate to share your future ideas regarding the platform with us!

Best regards,

GV Team