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[Idea] Automated programmable re-distribution rules for funds

Alex 5 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 1

The idea is that have self-managing funds. Basically it would allow the fund manager to program certain rules that affect the asset composition of the fund. 

For example:

If the weekly moving average of Bitcoin falls below 8000 USD switch all allocated BTC of the fund to USDT.

If LINK gained more than 20% in the past week switch all allocated LINK of the fund to BTC

If the Bitcoin dominance crosses 70% switch all allocated assets into BTC

For the definition of each rule a certain price of GVT could be charged from the manager. Also it should be considered to charge an amount of GVT everytime a rule has been executed.

It could even be allowed for the manager to provide an URL that, when called returns true or false (or maybe even a json-structure with the new fund composition?). Like this technically inclined managers could program very complex rules without having to rely on the framework offered by the platform.


If http://alex.com/gv/fund-risk returns true move all assets into USDT.

The investors should be able to see what rules were defined for the fund.

Under review

Dear Client,

Thank you very much for such an interesting suggestion regarding funds, it will be transferred to our management for their further consideration!

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GV Team