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Categorisation of Funds Assets

Jacob 3 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 years ago 2


I believe that there is more information that can be added to assets in Funds to allow the user to further refine their search results with a value add proposition.

I am proposing that each asset is assigned a category (or more than one if applicable) so that users can return a list of funds that contain exposure to a particular 'type' of asset. Say Monero for example could fall under 'Privacy' and 'Payments'. Enjin could be 'Gaming' same with Decentraland.

By adding this categorised data, it allows users to find funds easily that contains the most exposure to the field they are wanting to invest in. We all know that the market at times moves in tandem, occasionally there is focus on privacy and then privacy coins go on a run. Without this attribute information added to the funds, users would have to either search for 'Privacy' in the fund title (if it is even in the title) or add assets individually to eventually find what you are looking for.

The additional value here is: a user may be invested in multiple funds with no realisation that they are fully invested in only one or two categories of assets. This data could be displayed in their portfolio showing total percentage exposure to each asset category.

Thank you for your time.

Under review

Dear Client,

Thank you very much for such an interesting suggestion regarding funds, it will be transferred to our management for their further consideration! 

Best Regards,

Genesis Vision Team.


Dear Client,

Thank you for your help and idea regarding ways to improve GV platform for its users! This will be looked into by our management as well.