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Suggestion for 2.0 Social trading embedded MT5 , MT4 terminals

vikashait 3 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 years ago 1

I might be jumping ahead of time in giving the feedback even before the release, so pardon me if I understood something incorrectly. I am from a software background and did clone your github repo of web-client and try to dig into the code. Couple of things I would like to highlight  (may be you have already taken care of in private repo sync).


1) features in embedded MT5 , Mt4 terminal-I see that terminals are embedded using iframes and linked to genesis market account. when I launched that link manually into a new window, I see that screen is missing ticker buy sell volume panel (like one see it in binance on right of advance trading). I think keeping same and feel is very important to onbaord a newbie who is very use to using binance for trading. 

2) theme. I hope this must have already taken care of. I see that default is white in appearence But i would expect its theme to match of genesis vision dark theme or have option for someone to toggle it

Image 376

Please dont mind if these things have already been taken care of but as an investor I thought of providing my honest tech feedback. Thank you

Under review

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