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Marketing Tip: Add genesis.vision website review to improve SEO , cheaper click rate and build trust

vikashait 3 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 years ago 1

Continuing on marketing tips.  I noticed that currently team is not running a review campaign for the genesis.vision website. Since the team is spending money on marketing ads to attract users (especially millennials), it becomes implicit to improve overall SEO of genesis.vision website. There are many ways to do that but I will concentrate on the most effective technique and that is adding website review system support.

Here are few SAAS review providers

1) yotpo.com (super expensive but no .1)

2) trustpilot.com (expensive)

3) stamped.io (affordable and effective as top 2). I would recommend this $69/month or higher plan

4) Judge.me (cheapest)

Genesis vision can create the account instantly and integrate its scripts. The benefit is that it will collect reviews by sending emails to GVT users automatically (configurable and also team can engage TG to collect reviews). 

The main benefits are

1) It improves SEO and ranking of website exponentially. Turn around time is 2-5 months. All search engines like google, Bing will index website higher 

2) If someone google genesis vision, google will also show the sub-pages in row layout perfectly (see attached image)

3) review of the website will appear in google searches which will boost the trust . (it will help  someone outside of crypto, search of genesis vision to sign in with trust)

4) Cheaper ads click rate cost: eventually, google will charge less per click (many businesses using this benefit)

5) Team can add those reviews in website (they have js widgets which can be added in a minute ) landing page.

Image 420

 Team can verify by checking the main competitors' search on google and they can find that they have already Trustpilot review integrated already with their trading platform xbt. 

I would recommend starting this asap as this takes a few months to show its true benefits and it will eventually be going to help a lot in a few months of time. It is equivalent to reviews we see in App stores



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