Not a bug

I withdrew from all of the Funds I was invested in, but there is still 27 GVT Invested so I can’t withdraw. The home screen even says 0% Invested, yet, in the Wallet it says “invested” and I can’t withdraw. Been over 48 hrs since withdrawn from all fnds

Alcendor 3 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 years ago 1

After withdrawal from all of the Funds I was invested in, Most of the GVT was available for immediate withdrawal or conversion immediately.  About 27 GVT remains with “Invested” status in the wallet, but on the home page says 0% invested, which is correct.  I just need for the status to change to Available so I can withdraw.  It has been over 48 hrs now.

Not a bug

Dear Client,

As I can see in our system, you still have some funds invested in a GV Fund - it's name is "Mr Chainlink". The owner of the fund has closed it, but you still have funds in it. When a GV fund gets closed,  the owner's funds are withdrawn and a Fund itself becomes unavailable for new investments. Existing investors can keep their money as long as they want. Withdrawals from the closed Fund are not subjected to exit fee.

In order to find this closed fund, please proceed to your Dashboard and click Investments section https://genesis.vision/dashboard/investments. Here you will be able to see all of the funds and programs, in which you have invested on Genesis Vision platform. In order to see all of the Funds - active and inactive -, please proceed to the Funds section and change the Status to "All", similar to the screenshot, attached to this message. This action will reveal you all GV Funds in which you have ever invested. Then, find among them a fund called "Mr Chainlink" and withdraw the amount left in it.

If you have any questions left, please let us know, and we will be happy to assist you.

Best regards,
Genesis Vision Team