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IdleJ 2 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 2 years ago 1

Is there scope to include NFTs within Genesis Vision in the future? This could be in the form of token trading, or auctions (where GV provides a front end to auctions that occur on either DEXs or CEXs). With things like stocks, whisky, art, and watches being tokenised, it would be great for GV to be a place for buying / selling / trading all kinds of digital assets. They could be included in Funds or Programs, or as someone else suggested allow a fund which has purchased NFTs to be tokenised itself (as an ERC20?) & traded or included in other funds / programs.

Long term idea, of course!

Under review

Dear client,

We highly appreciate your taking time to sharing this idea with us! Our management will review the possibility of creating such environment where it would work. 

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