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GV Terminal issues and feedback

vikashait 3 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 3 years ago 2

GV terminal looks good in the first cut and I congratulate the team on releasing it. I have been trying to use it since release and below is my few feedbacks

1) ability to hide left section - left section where terminal shows all tickers, this is good to have but I should be able to hide it with a click of a button, which will expand the chart. I personally like to have more chart area. 

2) decimal place - I see that terminal is not doing number formatting. for e.g a) 1,000 is displayed as 1000  b)19,462 displayed as 19462. this reduces the readability. I think US people like commas whereas European like a dot.

3) tooltip is annoying- when I try to do a price selection by hovering to sats on buy/sell sections. a big tooltip displayed the total selection right in middle instead of on the side. Binance displayed it on the side which is very convenient. Please fix this if you can

4) preserve chart settings- by default charts are getting rendered as 1D, I can change it to 15m but when I refresh or reopen the page, the 15M selection is not preserved (Binance restores it ). I need to select 15M again. 

5) layout - I think this is raised by many in the TG as well, I want to re-emphasize here again. Binance has a section where users can select different layouts, once the selected layout is cached, and reopening the terminal in the new page uses the cached layout.  I think this is very important. personally, I also like the Binance layout where trade history is displayed right side wall and the buy/sell widget is at the bottom. I would love to have that layout

6) Fonts - fonts of buy/sell sats widgets are too small. It's better to have consistent fonts 

Under review

Dear Client,

First of all we would like to thank you for your kind words! We have been working really hard on this and we are really happy to hear you liked it.

Also we appreciate you took time to provide us with your feedback - it will be transferred to our team right away and we'll keep working on further improvements. Have a nice day!

Best regards,

GV Team

Thank you! We have transferred your wishes to the team.

Best regards,

GV Team