How to Use Dashboard

From within the Dashboard, you can monitor all the information about your investments and the change of your funds on the platform. The chart shows the change in your investments.



Value amount shows the current value of all your investments on the platform at the current moment. The opened trades of the managers in their programs and the current exchange rate are taken into account when calculating the value amount. The value is reflected in GVT, however, you can choose to display this in BTC, ETH, USD or USDT.



Change shows the overall profit/loss of your investments on the platform. In a nutshell, this shows the difference between your initial and current investment. It's shown in GVT and also a percentage. You can even adjust your dashboard to reflect this in BTC, ETH, USD or USDT, accordingly.

In Requests


The amount displayed In Requests shows all the investment requests that have been sent by the investor but haven’t yet been accepted by the manager. Please remember that investment requests can only be accepted at the end of the current trading period. The amount within In Requests shows the current value of the investment requests according to the current exchange rate.

Please note that the conversion to the currency of the investment program happens instantaneously, once you've placed the investment request. However, all of the investments are accepted by the manager only at the end of the reporting period, which can cause minor discrepancies in the USD equivalent of your investment due to the exchange rate deviations that can occur.

The investment request could be canceled by the investor if he opens the In requests menu (three dots). An option called “Cancel” can be found there. Please take note that when investor cancels the investment request the funds get converted from the currency of the program back to GVT according to the current exchange rate. This is why the amount that the investor gets when he cancels the request could be a little different from the amount he initially invested.


Portfolio Events

In portfolio events on the right, you can see all the fund movements that have taken place on your account. It includes your investment requests and the profit from programs & funds.

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