Your comments

i think initial thought was that team will use it's reserve to perform the conversion. Initial buy of GVT will raise the sat as demand increases and then team using it's reserve to pay to investor in it's currency and team slowly sell GVT  to not impact sat value . Pay in GVT is very important for creating buy pressure and that's the whole purpose for utility. Slowly killing GVT utility will just move the project out of tokenomics . 

It is important to pay profit in GVT  for using GVT as utility otherwise GVT will only be used for  getting discounts in trading fee which will not attract hodler interest and it might loose it's interest. (I will probably loose my interest from GVT as well )

thank you !! 

Sorry I was as not explicit in my comments. I would like to "remove entry fee" from the programs and want you to think about implementing point 1 & 2 of my feedback.

Yes. Maximum 3% should be the max limit of entry fee and manager should not be able to set more than that.

But my first preference would be you to think about option 1 and 2 of my feedback.

imo , there should be no entry fee. It is just not ethical to pay bonus at day 0 .

My thoughts

1. Add exit fee to protect managers . If someone wants to exit before program end, he pay fee for that . That's how mortgage or finance industry works.

2. Add rewards point for performing managers and let manager sets those criteria. For example if program profit reaches 50% , manager get additional bonus of 5 % . I think investor will have no problem accepting these terms.

3. If at all entry fee concept exits in program ( which I hate to see) . Limit it to max 3%. Don't let manager misuse it.  Anything more than 3% is brutal.

Thanks, I guess you got it what I meant,  equity column is missing in "Follow"

Can POS protocol be used as well as alternative to top 10 for levelling up for the managers who can't compete or aggressive in their strategy.

 For example let's say a manager wants to level up from 2 ->3, if have a locked stack of 500 GVT for certain period of time. And this level up stack will increase with higher level. I believe this will benefit both platform and investor confidence as well that they can't run away after levelling up.