Platform needs to be more Responsive

Mad3nCh1na 6 years ago updated by Genesis Vision Support 5 years ago 3

This is not related to any one specific function of the platform,  but overall the interaction between the investor and the platform needs to be much more responsive. We want to have immediate feedback on what is going to happen with our GVT or $$$. 

When we click something, or do something, we want to have immediate feedback. As a trust management platform, waiting for so long with out certainty what will happen does not add trust and credibility.

EVERYTHING that involves an investors $ or GVT, needs to be as fast and responsive as possible. Whether it is investment entry, profit distribution, or profit reporting.


You are 100% on point!

Under review


Yes, you are absolutely right, those issues are to be eliminated in the nearest future. 

Obviously the profit distribution and profit reporting will only happen once they are due, but all of the other functionality involving investment will become much more responsive along with the future updates.

Thank you for your suggestion!